photos by Maria Baranova, taken at Double Edge Theatre, March 2014

Full-length video of Total Verrückt! recorded during the presentations at Double Edge Theatre in March 2014.

Edited by Gus Ganley


By Augustin Ganley

This project has been in development for the past two years and will premiere in Boston on May 24-25!
For tickets please call 617.242.3285

This project has been in development for the past two years and will premiere in Boston on May 24-25!

For tickets please call 617.242.3285

Total Verrückt! to be performed at the Association of Jewish Theatre International Conference in LA

Joanna was chosen to perform an excerpt of Total Verrückt! at the Association of Jewish Theatre International Conference in Los Angeles on February 5, 2012 at the Santa Monica Playhouse

If you are in the LA area and would like to attend the performance, please contact Joanna for more information.

Joanna Caplan blends movement and text in a striking tribute to Jews in the Westerbork concentration camp during WW2, where numerous cabaret performers were interned before their deaths. After the performance, Caplan reemerges for a discussion and requests audience feedback. The work already makes a strong emotional impact; future incarnations hold much promise.
NNN (Debbie Fein-Goldbach)

Ted Fox interviews Joanna Caplan and Matthew Glassman (Co-Creator, Core actor and Co-Director of Double Edge Theatre) about Total Verrückt!, the creative process and Double Edge Theatre.

Total Verrückt!

Created by Joanna Caplan

Developed in association with Double Edge Theatre Residency Program

Have you heard that old story about the German diseuse? The one where she wanders around the camp singing her arias in order to try to escape the gas chamber? Total Verrückt! tells her story with inspiration from the work of the Jewish Dutch poet Etty Hillesum, Jewish German cabaret stars Max ErlichWilly Rosen and Dora Gerson. Taking its name from the 1944 production performed by inmates from Westerbork transit camp, Total Verrückt! translates as “completely crazy”.  In this ghostly cabaret, watch this imprisoned actress sing and dance to prove that she exists.

Photo Jon Bremner

Joanna Caplan has been developing Total Verrückt! over the past seven months whilst based at Double Edge Theatre’s Farm Center, in Ashfield Massachusetts. Her process combines an exploration of Double Edge’s movement-based improvisation methodology as well as a journey into the ancestral memory of her cultural heritage and rich legacy of Jewish artists. Total Verrückt! weaves together Jewish myth and memory, asking questions about the necessity of art as a means of survival and an act of resistance.


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The beginning of spring marks the end of winter. It is a time of renewal, re-birth, growth and transformation. In Ashfield, the change of seasons is palpable. Living in the country is clear and spacious and I have access to things I wouldn’t have in the city.

As I shake off the winter frost I shake off old patterns.

Let this spring be transformative. Let negative habits melt away. Let me find the strength and courage to be present in my life, my work and in my relationships and to practice loving-kindness with myself and with others.


At Double Edge we Train, daily. Training is often highly physical and involves working with music, voice, breath, costumes, objects and design elements, among other things.

What is Training to me, today?

A Practice that enables me to tap into my potential and explode my “limitations”.

A Practice that propels me into a creative space, fueled by imagination.

A Practice that takes me out of the daily and into the immediate, the imaginary; a world of desire and impulse and primal urges.

A Practice that is visceral, not intellectual.

A time to experience, rather than think.

A Search

A Journey

A Question

A way for me to go beyond myself

A way to dialogue with others, objects, the space, the music and myself.