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May 17, 2013

A ‘completely crazy’ tribute to Westerbork’s cabaret performers

‘Total Verrückt!’ will recall talented Holocaust victims during a pair of shows next weekend in Charlestown

By Ian Thal, Advocate Staff

In a video of her first performance of “Total Verrückt!” at the 2011 Toronto Fringe Festival Joanna Caplan climbs onto the stage in a blue dress, carrying a suitcase, and begins to recite Etty Hillesum’s fairytale of Westerbork, a parable of the trains that took Jews from the Dutch transit camp to Auschwitz- Birkeneau and Bergen- Belsen.

As she narrates, Caplan uses two simple (more…)

By Ian Thal, Advocate Staff,

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"Total Verrückt!" pays tribute to art during the Holocaust at Baltimore Theatre Project


Joanna Caplan in "Total Verrückt!" (Maria Baranova/Courtesy of Double Edge Theatre)

By Maura Callahan and Baltimore City Paper December 4, 2015

Many artists say they create to survive. Of course, “survive” here doesn’t mean to earn a living, but to persevere through the weight of the world, to find meaning in life. This was true of artists held in transit camps during the Holocaust, but perseverance was only the (more…)

Maura Callahan, Baltimore City Paper December 4, 2015